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The first part of the LGPN-Egypt onomastic database that covers sources from Lower Egypt and the Fayum from the 7th century BCE up to the beginning of the Roman period (30 BCE) is now complete and accessible online.

All individuals are listed with the following information: name in the nominative, titles and professions, gender, family relations (i.e. parents and offspring), dates when the individual is attested, provenance of source and / or origin of the individual, bibliographical references, the name in the declined form in each of the sources and by language (i.e. names in demotic appear in demotic transliteration).

The database and further instructions for the use of the database are available here.


The next stage

Research for the next stage is ongoing. When this is finalised, LGPN-Egypt will provide an online database of all the names of individuals written in Greek, together with Greek names written in Egyptian (hieroglyphic, hieratic or demotic) between the 7th century BCE and 284 CE, that is, between the first appearance of Greek names in Egypt and the beginning of Late Antiquity.