Old and New Worlds in Greek Onomastics

Second LGPN Colloquium

Old and New Worlds in Greek Onomastics
27-28th March, 2003 


This conference, a sequel to that held at the British Academy in July 1998 which explored the value of names in various fields of classical studies, examined names as a means of measuring and interpreting interaction between Greeks and the cultures and languages with which they co-existed. The theme of 'old and new' refers also to the progress of LGPN itself, as its publication programme moves away from mainland Greece, through Northern Greece to the Black Sea area (LGPN IV) and on to Asia Minor (LGPN V.A and V.B).

The colloquium was held at St Hilda's College, Oxford, on March 27-28th 2003.  Its proceedings, edited by E. Matthews, were published in November 2007 as Old and New Worlds in Greek Onomastics by Oxford University Press for the British Academy



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