Greek Personal Names: their Value as Evidence OUP: 2010

First LGPN Colloquium

Greek Personal Names: their Value as Evidence
11th July, 1998

The value of Greek personal names to the study of ancient Greek history, language and religion was established as long ago as 1845, in a seminal article by the great French scholar J.-A. Letronne, and has been a recognised feature of classical scholarship ever since. As epigraphical and other documentary evidence (the greatest source of names) accumulated, however, it became increasingly difficult for scholars to gain comprehensive access to it. The British Academy, at the suggestion of Peter Fraser, established the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names project with the aim of fulfilling this need.

1998 was the year of Peter Fraser's 80th birthday, and also approximately the half-way point in the publication of the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names. It seemed, therefore, an appropriate moment to explore how this scholarly resource can now be exploited, in a colloquium in which scholars illustrated the value of name studies in various branches of scholarship.

This colloquium was held at the premises of the British Academy, 10 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1, on Saturday July 11th 1998. Its proceedings, edited by E. Matthews and S. Hornblower, were published on 14th December 2000 as Greek Personal Names: Their Value as Evidence by Oxford University Press for the British Academy.

Greek Personal Names: their Value as Evidence s. Hornblower and E. Matthews (eds.) OUP: 2010


Elaine Matthews & Simon Hornblower Introduction 1-14 ARTICLE 
Anna Morpurgo Davies Greek Personal Names and Linguistic Continuity 15-39 ARTICLE 
Laurent Dubois Hippolytos and Lysippos: Remarks on some Compounds in ‘Ippo-, -ippoV 41-52 ARTICLE 
Robert Parker Theophoric Names and the History of Greek Religion 53-79 ARTICLE 
Denis Knoepfler Oropodoros: Anthroponomy, Geography, History 81-98 ARTICLE 
Miltiades Hatzopoulos ‘L’histoire par les noms’ in Macedonia 99-117 ARTICLE 
Christian Habicht Foreign Names in Athenian Nomenclature 119-127 ARTICLE 
Simon Hornblower Personal Names and the Study of the Ancient Greek Historians 129-143 ARTICLE 
Michael H Crawford Mirabilia and Personal Names 145-148 ARTICLE 
P M Fraser Ethnics as Personal Names 149-157 ARTICLE