The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names (LGPN) was established to collect and publish all ancient Greek personal names,

drawing on the full range of written sources from the 8th century B.C. down to the late Roman Empire.

  • The project: the origin and purpose of LGPN.
  • Publications: details of published volumes including name lists and statistics; forthcoming volumes, associated works.
  • LGPN online:
    • Online facilities: Name Search over 35,000 published names; indexes and bibliographies of LGPN I-VA;  LGPN IIA: addenda, corrigenda, name indexes and statistics from revised LGPN II (version April 2007).
    • LGPN Database Search: conversion project using TEI-compliant XML.
    • LGPN Website Search
  • Ancient Greek names: an introduction, including their formation and development, and our sources for them. We also have a little information about modern Greek names.
  • Greek Names in English: routes taken from originally Greek names to the modern English
  • LGPN-Ling (Linguistic Analysis of Greek Personal Names) NEW
  • Announcements: The Proceedings of an LGPN conference held in Oxford on April 5 and 6, 2016 are being prepared for publication, under the title 'Changing Names: Tradition and Innovation in Ancient Greek Onomastics', with the following contributions:
    Robert Parker, Introduction
    Torsten Meissner, Greek or Minoan? Names and Naming Habits in the Aegean Bronze Age
    Miltiades Hatzopoulos, A Tale of Two Cities in Macedonia: Aigeai and Pella
    Denis Knoepfler, The Four Seasons of Boeotian, and particularly Thespian, onomastics
    Jaime Curbera, An Essay on Satyr Names
    Thomas Corsten, Name Changes of Individuals
    Stephen Lambert, Δημοκράτης the Democrat?
    Dan Dana, Onomastic Interactions: Greek and Thracian Names
    Christof Schuler, Lycian, Persian, Greek, Roman: Chronological Layers and Structural Developments in the Onomastics of Lycia
    Jean-Sebastien Balzat, The Diffusion of Roman Names and Naming Practices in Greek Poleis (2nd c. BC - 3rd c. AD)
    Athanasios Rizakis, New Identities in the Greco-Roman East: Cultural and Legal Implications of the Use of Roman Names
    Heikki Solin, On the Survival of Greek Personal Names in Magna Graecia under Roman Rule.
    Sylvain Destephen, Christianisation and Local Names: Fall and Rise in late Antiquity
  • Contact details: staff
**** LGPN is in the initial stages of a major upgrade which will see the migration of the data contained in the seven published volumes from the current Ingres database to a XML database. As part of the upgrade, the potential uses of the online search facility will be enhanced so as to provide in the future enriched information about the individual person and their family relations, the place where they are attested and the nature of the documentation, as well as linguistic analysis of the names themselves and their frequency over time and space. The project would therefore welcome suggestions from users of the existing online searching, concerning improvements to its general layout and organization, as well as additional features and searchable variables that could be made available. Please contact any one of the editors by email with suggestions and ideas.****



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