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Research questions

LGPN is happy to respond to requests for information. It is a great help if the immediate context of the enquiry is indicated, so that the scope of the search can be adjusted to take in as much relevant material as possible. You can use our online Advanced Search request form (below).

Not all LGPN material is in the same state of readiness, and those requesting information need to be aware of progress in different areas, in order to evaluate the answers they receive. The differences are essentially those of accuracy and completeness (edited versus unedited) and the complexity of analysis supported by the form in which material is held (structured database versus flat text files).

In the initial research programme, material was collected for all areas comprising Volumes I-VA. All this basic material has been converted to computerized text files. Region by region, in preparation for publication, the material is checked, updated and corrected in the light of more recent discoveries, publications and re-assessments. In the final stages, it is loaded into a relational database. Once in the database, the material can be subjected to more complex analysis, based on chronology, place, status etc. and not just on name. For the most up-to-date information, see our page on the state of preparation of LGPN volumes.

There is, then, considerable difference between material which has been through all the above stages, and unedited text files, which may contain errors such as duplicates, wrong accents and out of date references, and whose simpler structure limits the variety of searches which can be carried out.

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