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Search offers online analysis of all the primary names published in LGPN I (Aegean Islands, Cyprus, Cyrenaica), II A (the revised version of Attica), III.A (Peloponnese, Western Greece, Sicily, Magna Graecia) and III.B (Central Greece), IV (Macedonia, Thrace, Northern Shores of the Black Sea), and VA (Coastal Asia Minor: Pontos to Ionia), a total of 35,982 names.

Dialect forms, of which there are very many in LGPN III.B, stand as separate forms. We intend in due course to set up a system allowing the search to take account of dialect. In the meantime, see our page on The Most Popular Names of LGPN III.B for an indication of the range of dialectal variation.

The searching does not include 'secondary' names (i.e. conjectured restorations, names containing diacritics, orthographic variants etc., which, in the published volumes, are recorded in the final brackets); unpublished names, or addenda and corrigenda since publication.

The search results show:

all names in which the search string occurs, the volume(s) of LGPN in which they occur, and their frequencies.

Common uses of the searching facility include identifying:

  • names with a particular root or termination e.g. all names ending in -κρατη
  • name-forms based on a particular deity e.g. names based on Isis (Ισιδωρος,Ισιδοτος etc.)
  • names matching a string of characters in a fragmentary inscription

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