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Addenda and Corrigenda to LGPN II

By an agreement between LGPN in Oxford and Michael Osborne and Sean Byrne in Melbourne, the substantial addenda and corrigenda to LGPN II, Attica, will be published exclusively and updated regularly on this web site.

The Addenda and Corrigenda to LGPN II presented here are a summary of the changes to the Attic onomasticon that have been noted in the light of continued research since publication in 1994. Their focus is the provision of data for new individuals and additional data for existing individuals, as well as notification of entries that are to be abolished.

Beneath each name are listed first the Addenda, that is entries of new individuals that result from new publications, or from new readings or corrections that affect pre-existing entries: they are numbered with an appended 'a' (1a, 2a etc.). Since these pages will be updated periodically to include new data (the version is indicated by the date at the head of each file), it is emphasised that the numbering of the Addenda is subject to change and these numbers should not themselves be used as reference points. Following the Addenda are listed in reduced font the Corrigenda of existing LGPN II entries (including the addition of new references): these are referred to by their LGPN numbers.

Precedence of reference is given to corpus editions, then to SEG where possible. Thus we have continued to refer to the Rhamnous corpus of B. Petrakos, even though the relevant inscriptions now have been covered by SEG XLIX, and have referred to the persons of the important clerouchy document from Samos published at AM 110 (1995) 278 ff. by way of the new corpus edition IG XII (6) 262 in place of SEG XLV 1162. The prosopography in progress Persons of Ancient Athens (PAA, at time of writing reaching the middle of names beginning with pi) include many items from unpublished inscriptions, notably Agora prytany and ephebic documents, ephebic lists from Panakton, and tomb inscriptions recorded by G. Stamires. Since they have been signalled in the pages of PAA it has been considered useful to note them here too, but naturally such references are provisional only, pending formal publication at which point they will be updated accordingly. It may be noted too that we have depended for many new readings of Roman period ephebic documents on A Corpus of Ephebic Inscriptions from Roman Athens: 31 B.C. - 267 A.D., the unpublished doctoral dissertation of P. R. Wilson.
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18th September 2008


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