The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names (LGPN) was established to collect and publish all ancient Greek personal names,

drawing on the full range of written sources from the 8th century B.C. down to the late Roman Empire.

  • The project: the origin and purpose of LGPN.
  • Publications: details of published volumes including name lists and statistics; forthcoming volumes, associated works.
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  • Ancient Greek names: an introduction, including their formation and development, and our sources for them. We also have a little information about modern Greek names.
  • Greek Names in English: routes taken from originally Greek names to the modern English
  • LGPN-Ling (Linguistic Analysis of Greek Personal Names) NEW
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  • Volume V.C, Inland Asia Minor, ed. J.-S. Balzat, R.W.V. Catling, É. Chiricat, T. Corsten, was published in 2018,‘ and Changing Names: Tradition and Innovation in Greek Onomastics, edited by Robert Parker, appeared in 2019. A conference ‘Greek Onomastics East of the Mediterranean’ was held in Oxford on June 28-9, 2019. Volume VI, covering Syria, Mesopotamia, Palestine and beyond, is in the last stages of preparation, and work will start thereafter on volume VIIA, Lower Egypt and the Fayyum, to be prepared in collaboration with Trismegistos ( with Professor Mark Depauw (Leuven) as Co-Investigator.
    Conference ‘Greek Onomastics East of the Mediterranean’, Oxford June 28-9, 2019.
    Greek Onomastics East of the Mediterranean programme
    Greek Onomastics East of the Mediterranean abstracts
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