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Bronze coin from Smyrna, in Ionia; reign of the Roman Emperor Commodus, AD 182-5.
It celebrates the homonoia (harmony, friendship) between Smyrna and Athens, two of the great intellectual centres of the Roman world. Signed by the strategos Heracleides.
The coin shows the Winged Nemesis of Smyrna, pulling on her chiton and holding a bridle; with Athena, representing Athens, holding a patera.

Legend: Στρ(ατηγου) Ηρακλειδου Ομο(νοια) Αθηναι(ων) Σμυρναιων
‘In the magistracy of Herakleides. Harmony between the peoples of Athens and Smyrna.’

The image is shown courtesy of the Visitors of the Ashmolean Museum, and was provided through the research project Roman Provincial Coinage in the Antonine Period, based in the Ashmolean Museum.

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