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Grave pedimental stele

From Skopelos (Peparethos), Imperial
This stele shows different stages of re-use.  It was first set up for Dermula and Dionusios, presumably husband and wife.  Their epitaph was partially erased later in the Imperial Period when the stone was re-inscribed for the grave of Praxiteles, son of Praxiteles.  Several centuries later the stele was built into the apse of the Church of St. Michael Synadon, and this is how it has been preserved until today.

Text above the rosettes:

Δερμυλα χαιρε

Διονυσιε χαιρε

'Dermula farewell, Dionusios, farewell'

LGPN I Δερμυλα. (1); Διονυσιος (391)

Text under the rosettes:

Πραξιτελης Πραξιτελου χρηστε χαιρε
'Praxiteles, son of Praxiteles, good man, farewell'

LGPN I  Πραξιτελης (11) and (12)

image: Skopelos Church      Grave pedimental stele of Praxiteles rebuilt into church wall in Skopelos
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