Peter Fraser Photographic Archive


From the 1940s to 1990s Peter Fraser, instigator of the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names and editor of it since its beginnings, worked and travelled extensively in Greece and Egypt, and during the 1970s made three visits to Afghanistan. During this period he built up a large collection of photographs of the people, places, sites and monuments he visited, which is now deposited with the LGPN project. Over the course of time, inevitably, many of  the subjects of these photographs have changed, some have been damaged and some even destroyed, thereby adding value to the collection as a contribution to the historical record of the areas concerned.

Beginning during the summer of 2005, we are undertaking the addition of Peter Fraser's Photographic Archive to the LGPN website. The first collections, already made available, are of Rhodes, mainly the photographs used to illustrate his 1977 volume, Rhodian Funerary Monuments, and of Afghanistan. Now in progress are his photographs and squeezes from Egypt taken during the1950s, including, of particular interest, images of Philae before its monuments were relocated to Agilika to avoid permanent inundation caused by the construction of the new High Dam (Lake Nasser). 

An Index of the collections of images in the Peter Fraser Archive as they become available will be found here.


Philae columns with youth in foreground

Peter Fraser Photographic Archive, Index of collections

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