LGPN I: Ambiguous Names

Please note that these data are not reliable: when LGPN I was compiled and edited, gender was not included as part of the editorial process. It was added later on the basis of name terminations but not all names were included - so many of the names listed here as ambiguous may in fact be male and/or female.


You can view these names in three different fonts.

Symbol version (unaccented)

a| b| g| d| e| F | z| h| q| i| k| l| m| n| x| o| p| r| s| t| u| f| c| y| w

SPIonic version (accented)

You can download the SPIonic font from the SP Fonts Home Page.

a| b| g| d| e| V| z| h| q| i| k| l| m| n| c| o| p| r| s| t| u| f| x| y| w

Unicode version (unaccented)

α| β| γ| δ| ε| F| ζ| η| θ| ι| κ| λ| μ| ν| ξ| ο| π| ρ| σ| τ| υ| φ| χ| ψ| ω

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