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LGPN I: Aegean Islands, Cyprus, Cyrenaica
Published 1987; data held in database. No systematic updating since 1987.
Substantial new evidence is becoming available for the Islands as the new volumes of Inscriptiones Graecae appear. So far:
Ionian Islands: IG IX I<2> (1) (4) (Berlin, 2001)
Samos: IG XII (6) (6) (1) and (2) (Berlin, 2000 and 2003)

LGPN II: Attica
Published 1994; data held in database.
The editors of this volume, M.J. Osborne and S.G. Byrne, have continued to update the Attic material. Under an agreement with them, the addenda and corrigenda to LGPN II are posted exclusively to the LGPN web site.
LGPN has now received the data for the completely revised LGPN II (to be referred to on this site as LGPN IIA); these are included in the pilot database currently under development to deliver all LGPN volumes as one online database. The names from LGPN IIA are included in the online Name Search.

Research enquiries relating to Attica should continue to be addressed to Sean Byrne.
See now also A Supplement of Athenian Residents in The Foreign Residents of Athens.

online addenda and corrigenda (last updated March 2006).

LGPN IIIA: Peloponnese, Western Greece, Sicily, and Magna Graecia
Published 1997; data held in database. No systematic updating since 1997.

LGPN IIIB: Central Greece: From the Megarid to Thessaly
Published 2000; data held in database. No systematic updating since 2000.

LGPN IV: Macedonia, Thrace, Northern Shores of the Black Sea
Published August 2005; data held in database.

LGPN VA: Coastal Asia Minor: Pontos to Ionia
Published April 2010. Primary names from this volume are included in the online Search.

LGPN VB: Coastal Asia Minor: Caria to Cilicia

Published January 2014. Primary names from this volume are included in the online Search.


Published volumes on the web:

All primary names are available for online searching. Search contains all names from LGPN I to VB.

Statistics (number of people per regions etc.) can be found under each volume in the Publications section.

For the following unpublished volumes, all data are held as text files, and show up in searches carried out by LGPN staff.

LGPN VC: Inland Asia Minor
Phrygia, Cappadocia, Lykaonia, Galatia: LGPN coverage of these areas is slight.


LGPN VI: Unassigned individuals
This volume was planned to contain all individuals for whom an origin cannot be assigned with any degree of probability (see LGPN I p. viii). In the course of its work, LGPN has increasingly tended towards including individuals who, if at all possible, can be covered by the formula ‘attested at’ (*). Nonetheless, substantial numbers remain unassignable. LGPN VI includes, for example, slaves not denoted by an ethnic, officials attested throughout antiquity without their ethnic, individuals in damaged texts where the crucial information is lacking, unassignable figures from literature etc. etc..
Some of these records remain as compiled in the original research programme; others, attested in documents from areas which have already been published, are fully edited and embody more recent publications and judgements on chronology, location etc. LGPN is now considering publication online of the second category of 'Others'.

Total on file at present in all the above categories: approximately 20,000 individuals.


Part II: Commagene, Syria, Palestine, Trans-Euphratic regions
In the Preface to LGPN I p. viii, P.M. Fraser outlined the desirability of extending coverage to Syria with Commagene, Palestine, Egypt, Euphratic and Trans-Euphratic regions, as a ‘Part 2’ to the LGPN series. Work on these regions has not been developed since the project has focused on the core volumes, but LGPN has been fortunate, through early associations with two scholars, to receive substantial material from these areas.
Syria: Professor M. Sartre, University of Tours, contributed almost 20,000 records of named individuals from the countryside of Syria. It will now be possible, when resources permit, to add to these files, drawing on Professor Sartre’s later publications.

Palestine Professor B. Isaac, Tel Aviv University, contributed approximately 5,000 records of individuals from this area.

This material, together with such other material for these regions as has accrued from the editing of literary sources and epigraphical material from LGPN I-VI, is all computerised and available to searches by LGPN staff.

LGPN has considerable holdings of persons from Egypt, compiled by Dr John Rea and Dr Revel Coles. This is the only body of LGPN material which has not been completely computerised; at present, approximately 6,000 records are included in electronic searches. Note that individuals occurring in Egypt with foreign ethnics have been extracted from this body of material and absorbed into the relevant LGPN volume.

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