Contributors to LGPN

The foundations of LGPN were laid in the first years of the project, in a comprehensive research programme carried out by Lexicon staff and by specialist scholars volunteering their expertise. Central editorial staff bring each volume to completion, but it is important that we keep on record the contributions of those whose work lies in the foundations.

In epigraphy, the work of the first researcher, Dr S. M. Sherwin-White, remains fundamental. She carried out the prime epigraphical research for the Peloponnese, Western Greece, the Cyclades, Boiotia, Thessaly and parts of Macedonia and Thrace, besides providing the onomasticon of Kos from her own research on the island. Dr A. Griffin, joining at a slightly later date, meticulously covered the complicated ground of Delphi, and in addition covered part of Euboia, and later began the revision of the Peloponnese.

Some sources cut across regional boundaries, and so the contribution is a thread running through all volumes. Such is the contribution of Dr A. W. Johnston, who has from the start kept us informed of new archaeological discoveries. Similarly with literary sources, and also of Dr A. Crabbe (patristic sources), Dr N. Key (Latin authors), Professor F. W. Norris (Church Historians), Dr C. Tuplin (Plutarch), and Dr S. West (literary papyri).

The following lists those whose contributions were focussed more specifically on one volume.


R. Hannah (Chios)
Dr L. H. Jeffery (Crete)
Professor D. Knoepfler (Euboia, especially Eretria)
Dr T. B. Mitford (Cyprus)
Miss J. M. Reynolds (Cyrenaica)
Archaeological material
M. M. Débidour (Thasian amphorae)
Professor Y. Garlan (Thasian amphorae)
Miss V. Grace (Rhodian and Koan amphorae)
Numismatic material
Dr R. Ashton (Dodecannese)
Dr P. Kinns
Dr M. Mays


Dr Ch. Kritzas, Director of the Epigraphical Museum, Athens (Argos)
Dr A. D. Rizakis, Institute for Greek and Roman Antiquity (KERA) in Athens (Achaia)
Professor P. Siewert, University of Vienna (Elis)
Dr A. J. S. Spawforth, University of Newcastle (Lakonia)
Professor R. Stroud, Mellon Professor of Classical Studies at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens (Korinth)
W. and N. W. Greece
Dr C. Antonetti, University of Venice (Aitolia)
Professor P. Cabanes, University of Paris X, Nanterre (Epiros and S. Illyria)
Dr D. Strauch, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Ionian Islands)
Dr E. Marin, Archaeological Museum of Split (Dalmatia)
S. Italy
Professor M. Lazzarini, University, 'La Sapienza', Rome
Professor E. Miranda, University of Naples
Dr N. K. Rutter, University of Edinburgh (coinage of S.Italy)
Professor H. Solin, University of Helsinki (Pompeii, Greek names in Latin)
Professor F. Cordano, University of Macerata
Professor G. Manganaro, University of Catania
Professor R. J. A. Wilson, University of Nottingham
In addition
Dr J. Warren undertook responsibility for the numismatic evidence from the Peloponnese and from the Ionian Islands, Aetolia and Acarnania, and in addition gave valuable assistance on the coinage of Epirus and Illyria (Apollonia and Epidamnos-Dyrrhachion excluded).
M. D. Mulliez, University of Reims, provided new readings from his revision of the Delphic manumission texts and M. J. Oulhen, University of Rennes II from his revision of the Delphic List of Theorodokoi.
Dr B. Petrakos, General Secretary of the Archaeological Society at Athens, made available the indexes of his unpublished Corpus of the inscriptions of Oropos.


Dr B. Petrakos, General Secretary of the Archaeological Society at Athens
Dr K. Hallof, Director of Inscriptiones Graecae, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschatften
Dr D. Mulliez, University of Lille 3
Dr J. Ouhlen, University of Rennes 2
Emeritus Professor C. Habicht, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Professor B. Helly and the C.N.R.S. team (in particular J.-Cl. Decourt), Institut Fernand-Courby, Maison de l'Orient Méditerranéen - Jean Pouilloux, at the University of Lyon 2
Dr A Kontogiannis and Dr M.-E. Zachou-Kontogianni, University of Thessaloniki
Numismatic material
J. A. W. Warren (Mrs J. Cargill Thompson)
Mr R. Hepworth
Professor R. Wachter, University of Basel



Macedonia and Thrace

Centre for Greek and Roman Antiquity, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens

Director: M. B. Hatsopoulos

A. Tataki (Macedonia Project)

L. D. Loukoupoulou (Thrace Project)

M. Ricl, Belgrade University

Scythia Minor

A. Avram, Maine University, Le Mans

Black Sea Coast

J. Vinogradov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow


W. Stancomb

Further acknowledgements


North Coast of Asia Minor

Amphora stamps of Herakleia and Sinope

A. Avram, Maine University, Le Mans


J.-L. Ferrary, Centre G. Glotz, Paris I


H. Malay, Ege Üniversitesi, Izmir


P. Kinns

R. H. J. Ashton

Further acknowledgements





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