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Funerary urn of Sotion

From Alexandria; urn of the type known as 'Hadra vases'. Dated year 9 (L q), argued on independent grounds to be year 9 of the reign of Ptolemy Philopator. The text, written in black ink, records that the Delphian Sotion son of Kleon was a theoros ('sacred envoy') sent to Alexandria to announce the Delphic festival of the Soteria; his cremation was overseen by a local offical, the 'agorastes' Theodotos.

L θ Σωτιων Κλεωνος Δελφος θεωρος τα Σωτηρια επανγελλων δια Θεοδοτου αγοραστου

LGPN IIIB Σωτιων (17); Κλεων (97)

New York, Metropolitan Museum. Photo.© Museum

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