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Grave stele of Pollis
This stele, which is of unknown provenance, has been attributed to Megara on the grounds of the alphabet, a combination of Attic and Korinthian letter forms found at Megara in the 5th century BC. Around 480 B.C. Above the relief of the dead man, a soldier in armour, a poem describes how he died. There has been some discussion of the interpretation of the text, but the name of the dead man is clear: Πολλις Ασωπιχου ‘Pollis son of Asopichos’

The name Ασωπιχος is otherwise attested only in Boiotia. Other names based on the name of the river Asopos, such as Ασωποδωρος, Ασωπων are rare outside Boiotia and Attica.
LGPN III B Ασωπιχος (14); Πολλις (1)
J Paul Getty Museum 90.AA.129


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