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Skodra and Lissos

The ancient sites of Skodra and Lissos in northern Albania. Skodra (Shkodër) was founded in the 4th century BC.  It was the seat of the Illyrian tribe the Labeates, and the capitals of King Gentius and Queen Teuta.  In Roman times it became an important trading and military post. The ancient settlement of Lissos (Lezha) was founded at the end of the 4th century BC. In the centre of modern Lezha are ruins of the ancient and medieval town walls and the Church of St. Nicholas.


Skodra/Lissos 9 Skodra/Lissos 10 Skodra/Lissos 11
Skodra/Lissos 12 Skodra/Lissos 13 Skodra/Lissos 14
Skodra/Lissos 15 Skodra/Lissos 16 Skodra/Lissos 17
Skodra/Lissos 19 Skodra/Lissos 20 Skodra/Lissos 28
Skodra/Lissos 33 Skodra/Lissos 35 Skodra/Lissos 36

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