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The photographs and/or squeezes in this collection were taken by Peter Fraser, for the most part, in the years 1953-56, during his residence in Egypt.  They were subsequently organised into a publishable corpus (along with a small amount of material in Museums in Europe) but taken no further at that time, since in the late 1950s Peter Fraser felt his time would be better spent on an academic monograph Ptolemaic Alexandria, which was published by the Oxford University Press in 1972.

The inscriptions which constitute this archive represent by far the larger part of the Greek inscriptions (and some liturgical text) of the Ptolemaic period that survive from Ptolemaic Egypt, primarily from Alexandria, but also a good scattering from the whole of the Nile Valley.   Though the collection has been superseded by partial publications of different parts of it, it is the fullest set of texts in one format, and based on specific principles of organisation. 

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Boy playing flute at Philae

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