Conference Announcement

The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names is holding a conference in the Ioannou School, 66 St Giles, Oxford on April 5 and 6, 2016, on ‘Onomastic Change in the Greco-Roman World’. The provisional programme is:

Tuesday, April 5
9.00 Welcome
9.15 Torsten Meissner, "Greek or Minoan? Names and Naming Habits in the Aegean Bronze Age"
10.15 Christof Schuler, “Lycian, Persian, Greek, Roman: Chronological Layers and Structural Developments in the Onomastics of Lycia."
11.15 Coffee
11.45 Denis Knoepfler, "Les quatre saisons de l'onomastique béotienne (et plus particulièrement thespienne)."
12. 45 Lunch break
2.30 Miltiades Hatzopoulos, "Aigeai and Pella: an Onomastic Tale of Two Cities in Macedonia."
3.30 Stephen Lambert , "Demokrates the Democrat?"
4.30 Tea
5.00 Jean-Sebastien Balzat, “The Adoption of Roman Onomastics in the Greek Cities."

Wednesday, April 6
9.15 Heikki Solin, “On the Survival of Greek Personal Names in Magna Graecia under Roman Rule.”
10.15 Dan Dana, “Onomastic Interactions: Greek and Thracian names.”
11.15 Coffee
11.45 Athanasios Rizakis, “Acculturation in the Greco-Roman East: Cultural and Legal Implications of the Use of Roman Names.”
12.45 Lunch break
2.30 Sylvain Destephen, "Global Christianisation and Local Onomastics : Rise and Decline in late Antiquity."
3.30 Jaime Curbera, ‘What Satyr-Names can tell us about Greek Onomastics and Vocabulary. ’

4.30 Tea
5. 00 Thomas Corsten, “Name Changes by Individuals.”

All are welcome to attend without charge, but please contact if you plan to attend.  


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Robert Parker (ed.), Personal Names in Ancient Anatolia (Oxford 2013), papers from the joint LGPN and Monumenta Asia Minoris Antiqua XI conference on Ancient Anatolia of July 2011.

J.-S. Balzat, E. Chiricat, R.W.V. Catling and F. Marchand (eds.), LGPN V.B, Coastal Asia Minor: Caria to Cilicia (Oxford 2013).


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